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Many of you have probably heard the statement, “Stop asking me Shatta Wale-Links!” If not, that’s OK because that is exactly what I’m talking about. If I asked you to give me an interview and you kept on asking me Shatta Wale-Links, I would suspect that you either did not want to do an interview with me or had no desire to do so. You see, I don’t hire people just because they look like me, or because they claim to be someone I know. Nor should I hire someone who keeps on asking me Shatta Wale-Links.

A large number of candidates keep on asking me Shatta Wale-links questions during interviews. I am sure you have noticed this, as you might have even done this yourself. I am sure that you were either bored out of your mind, irritated, or simply tired of hearing the question over again. If it bothers you, then maybe you should reconsider your career choice. It really does no good to you in an interview to continuously be asked Shatta Wale-Links questions.

I will end by telling you that you can avoid the issue entirely if you are prepared for it by making sure you ask questions only of those you are interested in knowing the answers to. The majority of candidates never take the time to prepare and ask questions, thus they never get the chance to learn anything new. They end up sounding like a robot who says things because they have memorized them from a sales book. No, in interviews, you need to ask questions, but you also need to be interested enough to find out something new.

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