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March 27, 2021 Edem – Ewes ft Worlasi , Keeny Ice , Jah Phinga & Bino Ayoni

Edem – Ewes ft Worlasi , Keeny Ice , Jah Phinga & Bino Ayoni

Veteran Ghanaian rapper , Edem dishes out a new passe-cut titled ‘Ewes,’ a Hip-hop song featuring Jah Pinga, Keeny Ice, Worlasi and Bino Ayoni.

With all verses delivered in the Ewe dialect, Edem and his brothers of the same descent unleash this beautifully crafted song, produced by Shottoh Blinqx.

February 21, 2021 Greatman Zillions ft Bhazuka Lion – Mawuli(God dey) (Produce by McVision)

Greatman Zillions ft Bhazuka Lion – Mawuli(God dey) (Produce by McVision)

great man

Artists:Greatman Zillions ft Bhazuka Lion

Song:Mawuli(God Dey)


MAWULI SONG is all about the protection of God over ones life,the tune is talking about God always watching over oneself whiles the enemies always keep trying many ways to end your life but they always fail.Mawuli is all about appreciation and confidence in God over his protection over once. The song is a confession of how God is holding one strong and the enemy can’t get to you through the physical or spiritual ways. Stream and download below

READ MORE HERE : Chief One – Nyemedzio (Audio & Video)

February 11, 2021 Stop Asking Me Shatta Wale-Linked Questions in an Interview

Stop Asking Me Shatta Wale-Linked Questions in an Interview

Many of you have probably heard the statement, “Stop asking me Shatta Wale-Links!” If not, that’s OK because that is exactly what I’m talking about. If I asked you to give me an interview and you kept on asking me Shatta Wale-Links, I would suspect that you either did not want to do an interview with me or had no desire to do so. You see, I don’t hire people just because they look like me, or because they claim to be someone I know. Nor should I hire someone who keeps on asking me Shatta Wale-Links.

A large number of candidates keep on asking me Shatta Wale-links questions during interviews. I am sure you have noticed this, as you might have even done this yourself. I am sure that you were either bored out of your mind, irritated, or simply tired of hearing the question over again. If it bothers you, then maybe you should reconsider your career choice. It really does no good to you in an interview to continuously be asked Shatta Wale-Links questions.

I will end by telling you that you can avoid the issue entirely if you are prepared for it by making sure you ask questions only of those you are interested in knowing the answers to. The majority of candidates never take the time to prepare and ask questions, thus they never get the chance to learn anything new. They end up sounding like a robot who says things because they have memorized them from a sales book. No, in interviews, you need to ask questions, but you also need to be interested enough to find out something new.

February 11, 2021 Information About Ghanas Showbiz

Information About Ghanas Showbiz

Have you ever heard of Ghanas Showbiz? There are many ways by which we can refer to Ghanas Showbiz, one of which is Ghanas Showbiz TV. This is a type of entertainment that uses the medium of television to entertain and provide information to the audience. It also takes into consideration the written word and the arts of cinema. It also combines both the two in an effort to produce the highest quality entertainment that it possibly can. This entertainment is produced by the Ghans, who are the producers.

Ghanas Showbiz Is Whom You Know And Favoritism  Guru

Ghanas showbiz TV consists of various shows like the Ghan Pooja Show, Kaal Bhat, Kaju Kissi, Lata Mangeshkar and the Ghanaskar Showbiz. These shows are produced with the sole intention of entertaining and inform people. The content on these shows are created in a manner that it does not attempt to take sides. The aim of the show is to provide entertainment, along with giving information on various topics, in a non-biased and unbiased way.

If you want to watch some of these shows online, you will be glad to know that there are a number of websites that cater to just this purpose. You can easily find what you want on the internet. Some sites include some of the very best known names in television shows and movies. Some sites will include episodes of some of the most popular shows available today. You should definitely check them out if you are an avid fan of Ghanas showbiz.

February 11, 2021 New Single By Afeke Foster

New Single By Afeke Foster

Afeke Foster is set to drop a new single entitled La Degodia. This single will be taken from the forthcoming album ‘Medikal’, which is due out in the summer. You can catch the single live atime on MediKalli. Check out the upcoming MediKalli single ‘La DeGodia’. Both singles are produced by Dot Da Genius (famous from the hip hop/rap duo ‘The Anonymous Dungeon’), and they are produced by Danja, who is an ex-member of The Black Eyed Peas.

The single is taken from the blend of two songs; ‘Haitian Vibe’ from the previous album ‘Effigy’ and the previously released ‘La Di Da’. Both songs are featured on the new single. The first single from the album is entitled ‘Starry Night’. Check out the video for that single below. It’s pretty good, but you can also listen to the track on iTunes, and if you like it you can buy it on CD or MP3.

If you are not a fan of Danja, don’t worry he doesn’t have too many songs on the new single, only three. But that’s three less songs that you have to search for. In other words, this could be the last great single from Medicine Ball. No matter how long it takes Afeke Foster to drop a new single, I am sure it will be worth the wait. I’m looking forward to it.

February 11, 2021 Promoting Exalt Music Viral Camping Promotion

Promoting Exalt Music Viral Camping Promotion

Exalt music viral camping is a unique concept. This type of promotion has never before been witnessed in the world of music promotion. Music artists and their representatives are busy doing everything possible to spread the word about their latest album. The only problem is that they often do not stop at spreading the word but go ahead to make it viral as well. This may include uploading their latest songs for fans to download and use in social networking sites.

Viral means “capable of spreading over a great period of time.” Viral marketing is simply one of the most effective ways to promote an artist or a band’s product because the word of mouth has so much variety and longevity. Camping has always been considered a great activity by many. Now, music fans are trying to make their camping experience something worth remembering by uploading photos and videos of themselves and their friends during camping trips. Exalt music viral camping will give these music buffs the chance to make their good memories last forever.

Most internet users visit sites such as Facebook to connect with friends and family and engage in conversations. They talk about their favorite things, share cute stories and create lists of places, people and things to see in a certain location. In most instances, these conversations go viral. However, not every single post can be tagged as a “video.” A picture cannot just have a music note attached to it. If the speaker or the singer does not have the audio file of their song, then they are not considered to be uploading their audio clip.

Sometimes, they upload a video or they send out an audio recording. But nothing has the same value as the written word. People who read and understand the written word have double the power when it comes to promotion. A song needs to have good lyrics and instrumental to maximize its potential. Exalt music viral camping is all about using the written word to get the word out and to build interest in the promotion of the music.

The best way to promote a song, especially one that you have recorded personally, is through a music video. The video shows the song in action – where the singer can be seen along with the audience. This is why it’s important to use an excellent editing program such as Movie maker to cut together a great song and a great video to promote your Exalt Music Viral Camping Promotion.

If you love the music from albums by the band Exalt, you will definitely want to make sure that you download this amazing music. It will make for an excellent part of your viral marketing for Exalt. Your fans will really appreciate and get excited to find out more about the promotion that you are giving them. And they will always have a great memory of a wonderful camping trip with the whole family. So go on and have a great time on your next camping trip! You will definitely need all of the help you can get.

January 29, 2021 Chief One – Nyemedzio (Audio & Video)

Chief One – Nyemedzio (Audio & Video)

African’s most encouraging Musician, Chief One starts the year 2021 with this raving success tune labeled “Nyemedzio” Produced by Hairlegbe.

Nyemedzio Which implies I don’t need it, is an exceptionally pleasant persuasive Song. It clearly discusses individuals detesting on him and continually observing near see him fall.

In the melody, Chief One said he isn’t worried about those on the grounds that, he has God on his side who secures him from time to time. The tune tells the truth and Simple music video coordinated by WIZAAD.

Transfer, Download and Watch video Below

January 29, 2021 V Twins – Destiny Ft Stragebwoy Awaga ( Produced By Gadzisberg)

V Twins – Destiny Ft Stragebwoy Awaga ( Produced By Gadzisberg)

The look alike twins Vincent and Victor, V Twins finally released their first song of the year 202, on Monday 25th January, 2021 which they featured Strangebwoy Awaga on it

The “we na go pay” hit makers believes putting Strangebwoy Awaga on the first project of the year 2021 will help change their music carrier destiny as upcoming to mainstream artiste.

Stream and download

D’Reign A True Love Riddim (Mixed By Blakk 808)

A True Love Riddim So Nice And Lovely

Steam and Download it now.

[download id=”3066″]




Volta Artits Top 10 Weekly Countdown- August 2020


  1. Volta Le Bad – Bhazuka Lion




2. Makpor – Robert Hud ft Gabanki





3. Get This Money – Captain Real Dc





4. Hustle Go Pay – Pizzaro ft Hope Medycine





5. Wodeka – Exodus ft Fiamor





6. Eyes On Da Prize – Pounds Gh





7. Gbogbo – Gameli ft Jessy





8. Bad Gyal – Wolfman ft Gabanki





9. Hustle – Zygee





10. Rap God – 2Gunz






To download search them in the search box .



Queen Eyram – KpaKpo Shitor (Prod By Jah Win)

Fortune Production’s quick rising act Philomena Eyram Agbenorlawoedugah referred to in showbiz as Queen Eyram is at long last out with her single “KpaKpo Shitor”, Produced By Jahwin,

What I like about this melody is that Queen Eyram appears to get the consideration of a kid for quite a while and he attempts to give him knowledge about the potential “Joys” he may appreciate in the event that she truly comprehends what a genuine Queen Eyram got the chance to state to him.


I truly appreciated tuning in to the vocals and her Easy way refrains. I think we just got ourselves another capable dancehall sovereign who does unique dancehall! I will encourage all of you to keep an eye out for Queen Eyram!

Look at the new single, download and share. Your remarks will be valued.








Elorm Daystar Ft Bhazuka -Mega Dzo O [Mixed By TrailBlaze Records)

New track in the system “mega dzo ” which means Don’t go and is already released for streaming and downloading 

why Mega dzo is all because of today’s girls and Elorm Dayster and Bhazuka came out with wonderful song Mega dzo just stay so that they work harder and spend on you. so girls just stream and download this song for great advice


Elorm Dayster ft Bhazuka – Mega Dzo (Mixed By Traialblaze Records)



THE SON – Ele Me Nawoa (Prod By THE SON)

Song: Ele Me Nawoa
Produced: THE SON
Record label: Go Get Em Inc Ent. / Woven Universe Records
Release date: 29th May 2020.

Stream and Download below

THE SON – Ele Me Nawoa (Prod By THE SON)


Afane Ghid Contest for Voltahiz GH – Good Music Award For The Year 2020

Afane Ghid
Afane Ghid

Afane Ghid is the name from volta , contesting for Voltahiz Gh – Good Music Award of this year.

As Gospel Artist of the year and New Discovering Artist of the year among the rest of the Artist of Voltahiz Gh – Good Music Award.

Afane Ghid Contest with his Song ( Enyonyoge) which means It shall be Well.

Afane Ghid – Enyonyoge – ( Mixed By Trialblaze Records)


Download Now

May 27, 2020 Chris Dodjie Is Ready To Release New Song

Chris Dodjie Is Ready To Release New Song
Chris Dodjie – The Name

Chris Dodjie is ready to release a wonderful new song,  be ready to listen.

And follow him on the following social medias :

YouTube : Chris Dodjie

Facebook: Chris Dodjie

Instagram: Chris Dodjie

You can also WhatsApp or Call him on 0248206790