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The hypocritical generation where are you heading to?

I have thought of this over and over again and it’s painful. I remember some minister attacked me because I defended my brother prophet TB Joshua during the collapsed building and on many occasions.
Why do we see hatred, discrimination, division as holiness?

To the young ministers in the prophetic ministry, don’t allow anyone to demonize you, make you leave in fear because they hate the prophetic and deliverance ministry. God does not come from any man of God village, no man of God can pocket God. Many preachers have died of depression because of some men of God, who are holiness vampires, who built their holiness and ministry by running down other men of God. Please stay by your convictions.


We have to turn ministry into a cult, if you don’t belong to our group, submit to our spiritual father you are fake and diabolic. When a man of God dies from their circle it’s normal but if it comes from the prophetic circle, they demonize and call it all sort of names. We are waiting at the gate for this so call deputy God to comment on Prophet TB Joshua.

Yes, it’s good that you all are posting and writing condolence messages about Prophet TB Joshua.


Ah, I see a generation that prefers the saying of the people to the saying of Christ…
“That they may be one…” Saith the Lord.

You never celebrated him on his birthday, you never identified with him or even be bold enough to post his pictures on your ministry social media pages but you are now excited to post his exit picture on every of your platform, can you now see that this generation celebrate death more than living?


I have seen many preachers that make reference to the messages and words of Archbishop Benson Idahosa but these same preachers never made mentioned him or his words while he was still alive but they criticized him with passion during his lifetime.


What a generation?

They kill their generals at the war front and then begin to hail them after they have gone to glory.

They persecute them and throw them out of their midst and later mourn for their departure…

Those teachers who were very careful with Apostle Babalola then that he was using evil power for Ministry, many of such and their children now refer to Apostle Babalola’s prayer life…

Who has bewitched these folks called Christians?

You said, that man of God is fake and you are real, why not let us come together to pray to the Only True God, and let’s see if any diabolical power will be able to stand before the God of heaven?

You are the real preacher but you hate and jealous of another preacher, can’t you see that you are next in command to the devil?

O God save my generation from this spirit of hate, jealousy, and competition.



Please don’t follow the footsteps of the jealous spirit of some elders, they tried but they failed in this aspect…

Since the day I discovered that all the dimensions of God are too versatile to be made manifest in one man and for that purpose, God decides to manifest its diverse manifestations through different people in different ways, I have made up my mind never to judge, disbelieve of criticizing any man of God.

I’m tired of wickedness converted to holiness in this generation…

A generation that sees hatred as holiness.
A generation that takes pleasure in discrimination than love…

There’s no difference between this generation and the generation that crucified Christ but when they read their Bible they blame that priest, scribe, and Pharisees that killed the Master whereas their generation appears more wicked than those of old.

Let love lead.

Shalom 🙏

Lady gives hefty slap to boyfriend for asking them to end their relationship

It was a sorry moment for a gentleman who asked for the end of their relationship from his girlfriend.


This guy approached his girlfriend and said he was done and out with their relationship.

The lady looked on as he made his intention known.

No sooner had he turned to leave than this lady called, approached him and dished out a hefty slap which landed heavily on his cheeks.



His eyes sparked. His mouth was left agape. In fact, he was lost.

The slap was too heavy and unexpected for him.

It is still unclear why the lady will slap her boyfriend for asking for the end of their relationship. Clearly, there’s is more to the story.


What do you think could have necessitated such a reaction from the lady?

Watch Video Below:



Shatta Wale reported to East Legon police for assault

A complaint of assault has been reported to the police at East Legon against dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale. 

The road contractor whose project manager, Kennedy Acquah was reportedly assaulted by Shatta Wale at Adjiringanor in Accra has given a 24-hour ultimatum for Shatta Wale to to apologize publicly.

He says a failure to apologize publicly will result in the artiste facing his wrath till the case is pursued to its logical conclusion.

Shatta Wale is also to report himself to the East Legon police in 24 hours or face arrest.

Giving details of what happened, Kennedy Acquah said Shatta Wale and his team stormed the Adjiringanor project site and assaulted him because he wanted an extension of the road to his SM secretariat.

According to him, he referred Shatta Wale and his team to the Urban Roads Department since they were working based on the contract the Urban Roads had given them.

But Shatta Wale and his team refused to understand and assaulted him, he alleged.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the businessman [name withheld] said he has reported the case to the East Legon Police station and if Shatta Wale fails to publicly apologise to his worker then he should be ready to face all the consequences.

“Shatta Wale is not above the law and he cannot just do anything he wants. I am not letting the issue rest until he comes out publicly to apologise to my project manager or be ready to face me in court. When the incident happened I personally went to his house and ask that he comes to apologize to my project manager which he did but that alone is not enough I want him to do a live video and apologize for his misconduct” he said.

The Divisional Commander at the East Legon Police Station, Mr Kwame Gyasi has confirmed to Graphic Showbiz that the case has been reported at the police station indicating that Shatta Wale is to report to the police station in 24 hours.

If he fails to do so, he will be arrested, he said.